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Welcome. We hope that you enjoy this site and invite you to join us for a meeting.

The Old York Road Genealogical Society (OYRGS) meets at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, year-round, in the Community Room at the Abington Township Public Library, 1030 Old York Rd., Abington, PA (map to the library). Our meetings are free and open to the public. The programs include notable speakers on genealogical topics as well as discussions centered on a genealogical theme. When attending discussion meetings, everyone is invited and encouraged to bring illustrations or examples of their experiences related to the meeting's theme.

2019 Meetings

January 8 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” The Five Essential Skills for successful family research: Introduction to the research process, accessing relevant sources, and saving relevant information. Allen Male, Moderator
7:00: Regular Meeting. "The Canals of Pennsylvania 1792-1931" Our state was once criss-crossed by a network of over 1600 miles of man-made waterways which played a key role in America’s expansion westward. This talk explores the development, heyday, and decline of this now forgotten means of transportation, economic growth and communication. Presenter: Jim Rubillo.
February 12 6:00: Weather cancellation.
7:00: Regular Meeting. Weather cancellation
March 12 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” Video lesson on Dos and Don’ts of Writing History taught by John Phillip Colletta. His presentation will offer guidelines on narrative writing, documenting our work, and pitfalls in historical writing.
7:00: Regular Meeting. "The Five Essential Skills for successful family research: Analyzing sources and evidence" Allen Male, Presenter.
April 13 11:30: Old York Road Genealogical Society Annual Luncheon. "The Music That Got Us Through World War II" By prior reservation only. Presenter: Herb Kaufman.
May 14 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” Researching in the Pre-1850 Census. We will review data collected in the pre-1850 census reports and discuss some techniques for conducting research followed by a structured discussion on areas of interest. Allen Male, Moderator
7:00: Regular Meeting. "Get Your Wellies On: Wading Through the Records of England and Wales" Christine Roberts will introduce the three primary genealogical resources for English and Welsh research: the decennial population census, civil registration of vital events, and Anglican parish registers. Presenter: Christine Roberts.
June 11 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” Sources for Researching Occupations. We will discuss a variety of sources to identify your ancestor's occupations with consideration of the process for analyzing the quality of information from those sources. Allen Male, Moderator
7:00: Regular Meeting. "OYRGS Ancestors' Occupations" We had a great response from our member survey on their ancestors' occupations. Come to our meeting to hear their stories and see their pictures. Ann Kauffman and Bette Male, Coordinators.
July 9 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” Resolving Conflicting and Missing Sources. The leader will present a case study illustrating some techniques for dealing with dead-end research from a lack of sources or data conflicts from multiple sources. Allen Male, Moderator
7:00: Regular Meeting. "Lazaretto Quarantine Station - Philadelphia" The Lazaretto Quarantine station is the oldest standing quarantine station in the United States and the 6th oldest station in the world. From 1801 through 1895, all immigrants and cargo coming thrugh the ports of Philadelphia would stop at the station for health evaluations and inspections to prevent the spread of imported diseases and epidemics. Vessels and cargo were disinfected, and sick passengers and crew members were treated in the Lazaretto hospital. Presenter: Barbara Selletti, Academic Librarian, Neumann University, and local genealogist/historian.
August 13 6:00: “Beginners and Brick Walls” Online Family Trees. Many websites offer the ability to locate potential ancestors and load them directly into your own online family tree. We will discuss appropriate use of these features and some danger signs. Allen Male, Moderator
7:00: Regular Meeting. "A Picture of Childhood in the 1800s" The program will present a picture of childhood during the 1800s. While the presenter's research was based in Chester County, conditions for children throughout Pennsylvania and bordering states would likely be similar. This picture provides an historical context for our ancestors who in the 1800s were parents or children, or both over time. Presenter: Ellen Endslow, Director of Collections/Curator at Chester County Historical Society.

During inclement weather, call the library at 215.885.5180 to confirm it will be open.

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